Melissa & Chad had a wonderful wedding day in August.  One of the coolest things about their wedding day was the amazing classic cars they had on their amazing day.

bride groom kiss by flowers
bride groom embrace
groom embraces his bride
groom and a classic car
beautiful wedding cake
bride groom romantic pose
groom and bride with the bouquet in the foreground
bride and her bouquet
black and white photo of bride with her bouquet
beautiful bride
bride and groom kiss
bride and groom kiss along a fence
bride coming down the aisle with her father
flower girl and the ring bearer
bride all smiles before going to the church
bride in dress coming down the stairs
bride looking in the mirror
bride ready to meet her man at the church
maid of honor getting the bride ready
bride getting her dress on
bridesmaids working on the wedding dress
beautiful wedding dress
bridesmaid getting ready
wedding dress and shoes
wedding dress in a window
bride and groom just married in Webster, NY
just married first kiss in Webster, NY
exchanging rings at the alter