Maybe you love architecture and Buffalo history;  maybe you just want an unusual/out-of-the-ordinary location for your wedding.  Either way – here are 5 locations within the Buffalo and Western New York area that just may be the perfect location you are looking for to dazzle your guests beyond the typical church aisle and a ballroom at the Marriott.



1. The Mansion on Delaware, Buffalo, NY


The Mansion on Delaware was built in 1866 as a home for prominent businessman Charles F. Sternberg and his family.  A generation later in 1888 it was sold and turned into a hotel and renovated into a luxury boutique inn in 2001.  In its former years it was dubbed the “Victor Hugo Wine Cellar” where in the 30’s and 40’s great entertainers of the day, including Tony Bennett and Liberace, would give impromptu performances lasting late into the evening.  (Just imagine!)

The great performances went silent and the building sat abandoned from the mid 1970’s until the 2001 restoration which brought this Buffalo historic gem back to life.
The gorgeous restored Mansion can host wedding parties of up to 250 and can accommodate over-night guests in the 28 available suites.
Address: 414 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, NY 14202

2.  Van Horn Mansion, Lockport, NY

The Van Horn Mansion in Burt, which is on othe National Register of Historic Places has candlelight tours throughout October, Saturday, Oct. 10, 2015. Built in 1823, it was the first brick house in Newfane. The Victorian house is said to be haunted by Malinda Van Horn, James Van Horn and the nanny. (Sharon Cantillon/Buffalo News)

In the quiet surrounding area of Lockport, New York in the town of Newfane, the Van Horn Mansion (really more of a large stately home), has been a part of local lore for over 200 years and is steeped in history of the multi-generational tale of a true Western New York pioneer family; the Van Horns.    The building was the first brick building in the area –  built with bricks that were made on the site and the original structure was finished in 1823.   Extensive research into the property and its family has been beautifully and thoroughly completed and can be reviewed on their website.  (There are even some tantalizing ghost stories!) The home is lovingly restored and open to the public for tours and events.  It does not operate as a hotel and there are no suites on site.  However, it makes for a beautiful choice for an intimate wedding ceremony. Small receptions can be hosted inside, or on the grounds for larger parties and has a kitchen for catering purposes.
2165 Lockport Olcott Rd, Burt, NY 14028
3. Kleinhans Music Hall, Buffalo, NY

Built in 1939, Kleinhans Music Hall is designated as a National Historic Landmark with an international reputation as one of the finest concert halls.  Kleinhans is considered one of the “most acoustically perfect halls” in the world, and guess what? You can get married here!  There are three notable rooms within Kleinhans: the Main Auditorium, Livingston Hall (named in memory of Mary Livingston, mother of Mr. Kleinhans), and the Mary Seaton Room (a memorial to Mr. Kleinhans’ wife, Mary Seaton Kleinhans).

In 1989, the hall was designated a National Historic Landmark, the highest designation of significance a site or structure can receive.

For a wedding with real class and one your guests won’t soon forget, visit Klienhans’ website for contact information.

3 Symphony Cir, Buffalo, NY 14201

4.) Tonawanda Castle


Not really a castle at all – but a historic National Guard Armory, The now named Tonawanda Castle boasts beautiful woodwork, thousands of square feet of hardwood floors, chandeliers and luxurious fireplaces – not to mention a drill and mess hall, shooting range and swimming pool.  The castle’s spacious parlor room was once lit by ornate handcrafted chandeliers imported from France; some of which still remain.  It was inaugurated in 1897 at a cost of $86,000 – or 6 million dollars today.

In 2003, the ill-used and outdated Armory hit the auction block and was privately purchased for $71,000.  Extensive renovations have been completed and the venue can accommodate large weddings and receptions in the main drill hall.

69 Delaware St, Tonawanda, NY 14150


5. Frank Lloyd Wright Fontana Boathouse

Ok, it’s actually a newer structure, but by a very cool historic designer.  An interesting design for a row club boat house was left behind by the legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright.  Plans were drawn in 1905 for a row house to be built in Wisconsin, but was not seen to completion.  The idea was revisited in 1939 but later abandoned again.  For the total of nearly a century the design collected dust. That is, until an avid rower, Ted Marks, brought back to life the plans that were shelved long after Wisconsin had lost interest.  The plans were purchased for a small fee, and construction began on the 5.5 million dollar project.  In 2007, the Frank Lloyd Wright Fontane Boathouse was completed and brought to life.  The result is a funky throwback to the realm of FLW and his ingenious flair for form, function and those iconic graceful lines.  The space can accommodate 50 – 100 guests and has a reception area.

 1 Rotary Row, Buffalo, NY 14201
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