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Steven has been capturing weddings with video since 2009. He has had the honor of documenting hundreds of weddings and other events over the years. He has a passion for video and compassion for everyone he has the pleasure of working with.

Medina, NY Wedding – Priscilla & Mark

Priscilla and Mark had a country style wedding in Medina, Northeast of Lockport.  What a gorgeous summer day!  The bride and groom chose to break with the standard tradition of the groom not seeing the bride until the ceremony, and instead chose to meet privately right before. When Mark saw his bride before him in her lovely dress they both beamed!  It was a very touching moment which of course is all caught on camera.

The outside wedding had everything a country wedding needs to feel right down-home.  Horses whinnying with hooves clopping, a rustic barn with fresh bales of golden hay for their guests to sit on as they all joyfully watched Priscilla and Mark exchange their vows.  It was magical!

The wedding reception was delightful and the guests all danced the night away with their friends. We got amazing shots of Priscilla putting on her dress and the bridal party getting ready, terrific shots of the country themed ceremony, and of course we captured all the fun at the reception. It truly was a wonderful wedding day!  Congratulations to Priscilla and Mark!

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Buffalo, NY Wedding – Monica & Joshua

Monica and Joshua are one sparkling couple who had an amazing wedding from start to finish.  First off, that knot was tied in a dreamy ceremony at St. Louis Catholic Church in downtown Buffalo.  The architecture in this 19th century church is absolutely breathtaking.   The church was rebuilt in 1889 after a fire destroyed the original Cathedral.  That may have been a tragic moment in the church’s history, but I’ll tell you, you could feel nothing but the fires of true love in that sanctuary on this special day!  After the ceremony’s benediction, the bridal party made their way to the waterfront where we captured some of the couple’s very first photos as husband and wife. We sure got some amazing shots of the bride and her girls, and of course many fun shots with the groom and the groomsmen, all 9 of them!  The reception was elegant and classy held at the historic venue Marcy’s Casino near Delaware Park.  The graceful, recently restored building is one of only two existing buildings left from the 1906 Buffalo Pan Am exhibition.  At the same time as the reception, Shakespeare in the Park was being performed just outside the reception hall which added a distinctly memorable flourish of drama and whimsy.   The food was sumptuous, and let me tell you, the bridal party really partied down!  Monica and Joshua should be super proud of such fantastic success throwing one heck of a party to remember!

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5 Historic Buffalo Venues – for One Unforgettable Wedding!

Maybe you love architecture and Buffalo history;  maybe you just want an unusual/out-of-the-ordinary location for your wedding.  Either way – here are 5 locations within the Buffalo and Western New York area that just may be the perfect location you are looking for to dazzle your guests beyond the typical church aisle and a ballroom at the Marriott.



1. The Mansion on Delaware, Buffalo, NY


The Mansion on Delaware was built in 1866 as a home for prominent businessman Charles F. Sternberg and his family.  A generation later in 1888 it was sold and turned into a hotel and renovated into a luxury boutique inn in 2001.  In its former years it was dubbed the “Victor Hugo Wine Cellar” where in the 30’s and 40’s great entertainers of the day, including Tony Bennett and Liberace, would give impromptu performances lasting late into the evening.  (Just imagine!)

The great performances went silent and the building sat abandoned from the mid 1970’s until the 2001 restoration which brought this Buffalo historic gem back to life.
The gorgeous restored Mansion can host wedding parties of up to 250 and can accommodate over-night guests in the 28 available suites.
Address: 414 Delaware Ave, Buffalo, NY 14202

2.  Van Horn Mansion, Lockport, NY

The Van Horn Mansion in Burt, which is on othe National Register of Historic Places has candlelight tours throughout October, Saturday, Oct. 10, 2015. Built in 1823, it was the first brick house in Newfane. The Victorian house is said to be haunted by Malinda Van Horn, James Van Horn and the nanny. (Sharon Cantillon/Buffalo News)

In the quiet surrounding area of Lockport, New York in the town of Newfane, the Van Horn Mansion (really more of a large stately home), has been a part of local lore for over 200 years and is steeped in history of the multi-generational tale of a true Western New York pioneer family; the Van Horns.    The building was the first brick building in the area –  built with bricks that were made on the site and the original structure was finished in 1823.   Extensive research into the property and its family has been beautifully and thoroughly completed and can be reviewed on their website.  (There are even some tantalizing ghost stories!) The home is lovingly restored and open to the public for tours and events.  It does not operate as a hotel and there are no suites on site.  However, it makes for a beautiful choice for an intimate wedding ceremony. Small receptions can be hosted inside, or on the grounds for larger parties and has a kitchen for catering purposes.
2165 Lockport Olcott Rd, Burt, NY 14028
3. Kleinhans Music Hall, Buffalo, NY

Built in 1939, Kleinhans Music Hall is designated as a National Historic Landmark with an international reputation as one of the finest concert halls.  Kleinhans is considered one of the “most acoustically perfect halls” in the world, and guess what? You can get married here!  There are three notable rooms within Kleinhans: the Main Auditorium, Livingston Hall (named in memory of Mary Livingston, mother of Mr. Kleinhans), and the Mary Seaton Room (a memorial to Mr. Kleinhans’ wife, Mary Seaton Kleinhans).

In 1989, the hall was designated a National Historic Landmark, the highest designation of significance a site or structure can receive.

For a wedding with real class and one your guests won’t soon forget, visit Klienhans’ website for contact information.

3 Symphony Cir, Buffalo, NY 14201

4.) Tonawanda Castle


Not really a castle at all – but a historic National Guard Armory, The now named Tonawanda Castle boasts beautiful woodwork, thousands of square feet of hardwood floors, chandeliers and luxurious fireplaces – not to mention a drill and mess hall, shooting range and swimming pool.  The castle’s spacious parlor room was once lit by ornate handcrafted chandeliers imported from France; some of which still remain.  It was inaugurated in 1897 at a cost of $86,000 – or 6 million dollars today.

In 2003, the ill-used and outdated Armory hit the auction block and was privately purchased for $71,000.  Extensive renovations have been completed and the venue can accommodate large weddings and receptions in the main drill hall.

69 Delaware St, Tonawanda, NY 14150


5. Frank Lloyd Wright Fontana Boathouse

Ok, it’s actually a newer structure, but by a very cool historic designer.  An interesting design for a row club boat house was left behind by the legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright.  Plans were drawn in 1905 for a row house to be built in Wisconsin, but was not seen to completion.  The idea was revisited in 1939 but later abandoned again.  For the total of nearly a century the design collected dust. That is, until an avid rower, Ted Marks, brought back to life the plans that were shelved long after Wisconsin had lost interest.  The plans were purchased for a small fee, and construction began on the 5.5 million dollar project.  In 2007, the Frank Lloyd Wright Fontane Boathouse was completed and brought to life.  The result is a funky throwback to the realm of FLW and his ingenious flair for form, function and those iconic graceful lines.  The space can accommodate 50 – 100 guests and has a reception area.

 1 Rotary Row, Buffalo, NY 14201
News Article :




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Flower Power! – Choose Flowers That Speak Your Heart

You may have your favorite flowers already picked out for your wedding. This selection may be based on the flower’s looks, color, on seasonal availability, or even price. But have you considered adding flowers to your wedding based on its sentimental and symbolic meaning? Here are some flower options you might choose based on its sentiments of love, happiness and the good fortune that they convey.

1. Daisies


The name, “daisy,” comes from the Anglo-Saxon “daes eage,” or “day’s eye.” This is in reference to the way flowers open and close with the sun. Daisies symbolize innocence, gentleness, and purity. This flower is said to have derived from a Dryad who presided over forests, meadows, and pastures. This could be represented to mean a spirit of watchfulness and protection.   


2. Peonies


This gorgeous, voluptuous flower is the state flower of Indiana, and the 12th wedding anniversary flower.  Peonies are known as the flower of riches and honor. With their lush, full, rounded bloom, peonies embody romance and prosperity and are regarded as an omen of good fortune and a happy marriage.


3. Tulips


Red tulips are most strongly associated with true love, while purple symbolizes royalty. The meaning of yellow tulips has evolved somewhat, from once representing unrequited love to now being a common expression for cheerful thoughts and sunshine.



4. Hydrangeas

Hydrangea,Big-leaf Hydrangea,Laurustinus,background of purple with yellow natural flowers in full bloom,closeup

A controversial flower; there remains some debate over the hydrangea’s symbolism – with some connecting it to vanity and boastfulness (perhaps reflecting its abundance of petals and lavish, rounded shape) and others suggesting that a bouquet of hydrangea expresses the giver’s gratefulness for the recipient’s understanding.  Brides understandably choose to go with the latter meaning.  Hydrangeas evoke elegance and gentleness.
5. Chrysanthemums 

Chrysanthemum flowers,closeup of green with white Chrysanthemum flowers in full bloom

Also known as ‘the mum’, the Chrysanthemum is one of the most important cut flowers used for bouquets and boutonnieres today. As a bloom of great importance, the Chrysanthemum symbolizes lasting friendship, support from your family and loved ones, cheerfulness and good spirits, enduring life.


6. Hibiscus

Image result for hibiscus meaning
Traditionally, hibiscus flowers represent delicate beauty, unity and peace.  The hibiscus flower holds special meaning in many Asian countries and is also the national flower of Malaysia.
7.  Daffodils

Lovely field with bright yellow and orange daffodils (Narcissus). Shallow dof and natural light.

Arguably nature’s happiest flower, the Daffodil Symbolizes rebirth and new beginnings and is virtually synonymous with spring. Though their botanic name is narcissus, daffodils are sometimes called jonquils, and in England, because of their long association with Lent, they’re known as the “Lent Lily.”
8. Orchids

Phalaenopsis,Moth Orchid flowers,beautiful red with yellow flowers in full bloom in the garden in spring

The most highly coveted of ornamental plants, the delicate, exotic and graceful orchid represents love, luxury, beauty and strength. In ancient Greece, orchids were associated with virility.  For a bride and groom who plan to start a family soon, the orchid may be the perfect ornament.



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Wedding Season Buffalo Update


We are now in July and the wedding season in the Western New York area is really heating up!  We have more than a dozen weddings over the next six weeks!  It’s also very hot outside in Buffalo as I write this.  We have hit the 90s the past few days!  Our photographer Eliecia is getting fantastic photos while yours truly has captured some amazing video.  We are so excited for our brides as they venture into marital bliss!

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Olean, New York – Michaela & Chris

Michaela and Chris were married on March 23, 2016 in Olean, New York.  Believe it or not, they flew UP from Florida to celebrate their union with family and friends!  Michaela actually went to the same university I graduated from, the University of South Florida.  GO BULLS!

The couple had a very romantic and personal wedding inside a quaint, historic building that was once the town’s library.  The beams of the building were beaming with history.  Michaela first got ready next door at a bed and breakfast before coming over to greet Chris in the old library.  Chris was calm but nervous at the same time, you know what I’m talking about?  He was a gentleman and he patiently waited for his lady.

Michaela’s brother, an ordained minister, actually married his little sister!  Afterwards, the two shared laughs and tears with family and friends as they enjoyed a wonderful wedding dinner (the food was amazing)  Michael actually only hired us for photography but I wanted to get my video camera warmed up for the season so I offered my service for free.  Yes, that’s the kind of guy I am!  =) I’m glad to say, it was a very nice March day.  The temperatures I think were in low 60s without any rain so indeed, it was a very good day!

We thank Michaela and Chris for allowing us to share this great memory with them.

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Livonia, NY Wedding – Marissa & Brett

I had the honor of capturing the wedding day of Marissa and Brett in Livonia, New York with video.  The wedding and reception were held in at The Big Tree Farm in the Wingate Barn and it was an absolutely great day.  I’m not going to lie, it was a little hot but it really wasn’t too bad.  The humidity was down and there was a nice breeze to cool things off.

First we got some shots of Marissa and her girls getting ready at the hotel and then we got amazing shots of Marissa in her dress.  Brett, a soft spoken guy, seemed to be concentrating to make sure his every move was right.  He and his groomsmen definitely enjoyed each moment leading up to the ceremony.

Each read their vows with a lot of emotion but with enough composure to express themselves with grace.  Both Marissa and Brett had enough wit and humor written into their vows to bring out some laughs while their tender words certainly caused tears to flow.  I must admit, I got a little teary as I did my best to keep the camera steady!

The reception was a lot of fun as guests were treated to great music, delicious food, and games set up in the yard.  Overall, I got some amazing shots of Marissa in her dress, the ceremony and reception of course, but I think my favorite video is of the couple in a corn field next to the barn.  One amazing day, full of everything you would want out of a rustic barn wedding.  Thank you Marissa and Brett!

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Winter Weddings in Buffalo, NY

Buffalo, New York is known for brutal winters full of mammoth snow storms.  Fair or not, the reputation is ruthlessly pinned to the Queen City and probably will be forever.  So when it comes to planning big events like weddings, choosing a date after October 31st and before April Fools day seems, well, foolish! But is it so insane to plan a winter wedding in Buffalo?  Now please don’t dismiss the idea too quickly, as you might just like some of the advantages of getting married when there is an arctic chill in the air and maybe some (or even a LOT) of the fluffy white stuff called snow!

Typically, ‘real’ winter in Western New York is December, January and February. Many years, however, including in 2015, there wasn’t any snow on the ground until December 27. So if you WANT the idyllic scenery of snow encrusted trees and landscape, better to check with prior snowfall histories of your particular area.

Artistically speaking, I can’t think of a more beautiful or romantic canvass than diamond-studded snow as a backdrop for the photography and videography that will capture your wedding day! So, that’s the first advantage.

1 – Stunning photography! Although a winter scene out of a romantic movie isn’t a guarantee, there’s certainly a better chance of one than if you have your wedding in July! Even if the ground is void of even one snow flake, there is something majestic and comforting about barren trees standing strong filtering the cold winds of winter.  Any Northerner clings to warm childhood memories of the winter and those images of youth hang from naked branches all around us!

2 – Flexibility in obtaining the most suitable date for your wedding. During the spring, summer and fall months, you might have to contact several different photographers trying to pin down the date of your choice. It’s not uncommon for a hopeful bride to hear “No, I’m sorry we are booked up for that date.” Flexibility also means photographers can offer flexible dates and times. And, because it is the ‘down season’ for wedding photography, you will have a broader range of studios or vendors to choose from likely at better rates. That also leads to the next advantage:

3 – Bargain prices! Everyone likes to snag a deal, right? Well here’s where you may be able to score big. Videographers and photographers have to feed their families (or just themselves) all year long, so here’s your chance to feed a starving artist! Don’t you feel the win-win in this scenario? You get the pics you want, by the professionals you want, at the time you want, at the price you want, and, by the way, you are helping put food on someone’s table, perhaps even the pros at Steven Wayne Productions

4 – More venues available to host your wedding reception. As with the availability of your photographer, all other venues are likewise more accessible during the winter months and are likely ‘priced to sell.’ If you think ahead, you may be celebrating in the really cool place you ‘just loved’ that would be too cost-prohibitive during the peak wedding seasons.

5 – Winter Fun! Are you having guests who enjoy skiing, snowshoeing, tobogganing, ice hockey, regional winter attractions or events, sporting events, etc? Plan a winter wedding and be sure to suggest some of these cool things to the invitees!
Think about it, this could be the ‘Best Wedding Ever!’

6 – NO SWEAT! All of the above can reduce sweat, figuratively and literally!  Most of us have been to a wedding on a summer day where the temperature have reached and even surpassed 90 degrees.  It can be downright oppressive, robbing the wedding party and guests alike from enjoying the day because they’re concentrating so much on when they’ll get out of the heat, where and when they’ll be able to wipe down, get a fresh glass of cold water, and apply more makeup and/or antiperspirant!

View More:

Yes, a frigid cold day isn’t fun either, but ask yourself, would you prefer sweating it out in your $5000 wedding dress or would rather have your new husband keep you toasty with his warm embrace?


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Why Get a Wedding Video?

On April 24, 2004 I married my lovely wife Maria. As I look back, one thing I remember about the months leading up to our big day was just how naive I was when it came to planning our wedding.  Thankfully, Maria is the type of person who prefers having control over the things that matter most to her.  Maria and her mother (now my wonderful Mother-in-law) spent hours planning everything.  I just sat back and enjoyed the freedom from the stress.  And what a wonderful job they did too.  Our wedding was amazing.

During the planning process, Maria did ask me if I wanted to hire a wedding videographer.  I can still remember my simple and now haunting answer, “We don’t need a video.” Fast forward (truly no pun-intended) years after that fateful decision and I can honestly say I made the wrong choice.


Why get a wedding video? Because you absolutely have to get your day documented.

Anyone who has been married will tell you, the day flashes by leaving your mind full of blanks where memories should reside.  Watching the day weeks, months, and especially years later is a luxury well worth the hundreds of dollars you spend.

Wedding videos are usually a fraction of the cost compared to a photography package depending on the coverage you get.  Sure, you can spend well over $3000 for a wedding video if you want your day covered like a blockbuster movie but your wedding video doesn’t have to push the red needle on your wedding budget into the insanity zone.

Many wedding videographers can be hired to capture four to six hours of your amazing day for as little as $500.  Depending on whom you contract, your wedding video can actually be as good, or even better than some of the larger production houses. For instance,  Steven Wayne Productions in Buffalo, NY has covered wedding for half of the listed price on their website and their work is amazing!


Think about the value.  If what they say is true, a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words would 720,000 pictures be worth?  You see, that’s actually what video is, thousands of photos taken in sequence.  One second generally contains at least 25 photos, depending on the frame rate.  How much do you think your photographer would charge you for 3/4 of a million photos?  I suggest asking to get a little giggle in seeing their face twitch.

Ironically, soon after I was married, I got into the wedding video business mostly as a hobby.  I then discovered I got such joy out of  capturing the incredible events full of so much love and passion, I decided to start a wedding video business.

Even after my first 50 or so weddings, I still considered photography more important than videography.  For that reason whenever I worked a wedding I always told the hired photographer I would do my best to stay out of their way because I considered their photos more important than my video.  That is until the day one of the photographers set me straight.

He asked me to consider the following hypothetical.  Imagine, he said, your grandparents sadly passed away.  While collecting their things at their home, you came across two boxes in their attic.  One of the boxes was labeled “MABEL AND GEORGE’S WEDDING PHOTOS” the other box was labeled “MABEL AND GEORGE’S WEDDING VIDEO”.  The executor of the couple said you were allowed to keep one of the two boxes, the other would be sealed forever (remember, this is a hypothetical)

After a dramatic pause he asked me, which one I would choose?  I nodded my head and at that moment realized my wedding videos are just as important as the photos, and to some people, maybe even more.  Remember, one second of video is actually a couple dozen photos!

So, if you would have a tough time deciding which box to choose in the attic of your own hypothetical, I suggest you strongly consider getting a wedding video for your amazing day too.

Steven Krentz, Steven Wayne Productions

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Buffalo, NY Wedding – Stephanie & Anthony

Anthony & Stephanie had a beautiful, traditional ceremony on June 3, 2016 at Holy Spirit Church in Buffalo, NY where they attend regularly. Tears flowed as she was the baby of the family and her dad was very emotional letting her go. Toward the end of the ceremony, there were some laughs had as all the kids were ready to get going and party. Stephanie and “Nony” ,as his family calls him, were so happy to tie the knot. After the ceremony we headed to Delaware Park right down the street where we got to take pictures with just the bridal party before we went to Classics in Amherst, NY. Once at Classics, the party really started as more guests kept arriving. We enjoyed celebrating with this couple over appetizers, a fabulous meal, the best cake you’ve ever tasted, and great music! The guests couldn’t even wait until the buffet tables were cleared to start dancing! More tears were shed during first dances, especially the father daughter dance. The mother son dance ended very memorably and the rest of the room got up to enjoy the fun. They danced late into the evening and got up the next day to enjoy their honeymoon in North Carolina. Many happy years lie ahead for this couple!

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