WEDWNYSAMIA25This beautiful couple met in the military and were married in the very building they first saw each other! When Samia saw Daniel walk into the room at the Armory in Tonawanda, NY she said she knew she was looking at the face of her future husband. After the Armory was retired and re-branded as The Tonawanda Castle they just knew they needed to get married there. They flew up from Texas a week early for their ceremony on May 6, 2016. They were able to get ready, have their ceremony, and the reception all in one fantastic, unique location. It was quite the workout running from the 1st to the 3rd floor with all the camera equipment, but it was worth it. We loved being part of this wonderfuloccasion and you could just feel the love for each other and their friends and family in the room. The ceremony was so sweet and meaningful as they wrote their own vows. Afterwards, we were able to take a group picture in an area that was previously off limits to the soldiers. We were able to use many nooks in this great old building for some fun pictures before they were announced and got to dance the night away! They will be enjoying many years full of love and laughter, I’m just sure of it!


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