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Your wedding day should be one of the most romantic, exciting, and fun days of your life! First, you are about to be united in marriage with your soulmate.  Second, you’re going to throw the most amazing party ever, and you, your family, and friends are going to party like it’s 1999.  Wait, does that still mean it’s going to be a great party being that ’99 was – like – forever ago?  Well, 80s music references aside, one thing you want to do is make sure your photographer captures all of it, the love, the excitement, the fun.

Buffalo, NY Wedding bridesmaid huddle with the bride

Buffalo, NY Wedding bridesmaid huddle with the bride

Regardless of how experienced your photographer is, it never hurts to be ready with some suggestions of shots you want on your day.  You already know he or she will be getting the traditional shots during the ceremony and reception.  They will get all the standard shots of family and the bridal party.  What you should do is take some time planning a shot list of fun photos.

You may be surprised just how creative photography can get.   Get on the internet and browse some photographer websites to see what you like.  Some blogs have just what you’re looking for.  Once you have found a few you like, prepare a little portfolio for your photographer to view.  It’s not a guarantee they will be able to get all the shots you want, but at least they’ll have a fighting chance.

Groomsmen Catch a Bride

Some photographers are more creative than others so it doesn’t hurt to help yours out.  Creative types may find it hard to take instructions from their subjects, but as long as you approach them politely, they should be open to your suggestions.  After all, aren’t you the one paying thousands of dollars for their service?

At the end of your wedding day you’ll find you get a lot of photos you didn’t expect to get and the process getting them will be easier than trying to come up with ideas on the fly!



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