I had the honor of capturing the wedding day of Marissa and Brett in Livonia, New York with video.  The wedding and reception were held in at The Big Tree Farm in the Wingate Barn and it was an absolutely great day.  I’m not going to lie, it was a little hot but it really wasn’t too bad.  The humidity was down and there was a nice breeze to cool things off.

First we got some shots of Marissa and her girls getting ready at the hotel and then we got amazing shots of Marissa in her dress.  Brett, a soft spoken guy, seemed to be concentrating to make sure his every move was right.  He and his groomsmen definitely enjoyed each moment leading up to the ceremony.

Each read their vows with a lot of emotion but with enough composure to express themselves with grace.  Both Marissa and Brett had enough wit and humor written into their vows to bring out some laughs while their tender words certainly caused tears to flow.  I must admit, I got a little teary as I did my best to keep the camera steady!

The reception was a lot of fun as guests were treated to great music, delicious food, and games set up in the yard.  Overall, I got some amazing shots of Marissa in her dress, the ceremony and reception of course, but I think my favorite video is of the couple in a corn field next to the barn.  One amazing day, full of everything you would want out of a rustic barn wedding.  Thank you Marissa and Brett!


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