Priscilla and Mark had a country style wedding in Medina, Northeast of Lockport.  What a gorgeous summer day!  The bride and groom chose to break with the standard tradition of the groom not seeing the bride until the ceremony, and instead chose to meet privately right before. When Mark saw his bride before him in her lovely dress they both beamed!  It was a very touching moment which of course is all caught on camera.

The outside wedding had everything a country wedding needs to feel right down-home.  Horses whinnying with hooves clopping, a rustic barn with fresh bales of golden hay for their guests to sit on as they all joyfully watched Priscilla and Mark exchange their vows.  It was magical!

The wedding reception was delightful and the guests all danced the night away with their friends. We got amazing shots of Priscilla putting on her dress and the bridal party getting ready, terrific shots of the country themed ceremony, and of course we captured all the fun at the reception. It truly was a wonderful wedding day!  Congratulations to Priscilla and Mark!


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