What a wedding this was!  It all started when I got video of Brett “getting ready” at his house.  That is to say, he had fun talking joking around with his guys.  Every wedding has a surprise, this one didn’t disappoint.  I got to meet the bride’s prize possession, a big, pink pet pig!  Watch the video to see this huge bundle of cuteness!  Then it was off to get video of the bride getting ready.  Samantha was stunning in her dress.  All nine, yes (9) girls looked beautiful too!  It was a first for me when it came to the wedding ceremony.  It took place at the Strasenburgh planetarium in Rochster, New York.  This was such a great idea!  The guests got to see a cool video on the universe and then the real stars came in to the arena to get married!  The reception at Harro East Ballroom was amazing!  Guests danced the night away.  It was a perfect October 1 day.