Anthony & Stephanie had a beautiful, traditional ceremony on June 3, 2016 at Holy Spirit Church in Buffalo, NY where they attend regularly. Tears flowed as she was the baby of the family and her dad was very emotional letting her go. Toward the end of the ceremony, there were some laughs had as all the kids were ready to get going and party. Stephanie and “Nony” ,as his family calls him, were so happy to tie the knot. After the ceremony we headed to Delaware Park right down the street where we got to take pictures with just the bridal party before we went to Classics in Amherst, NY. Once at Classics, the party really started as more guests kept arriving. We enjoyed celebrating with this couple over appetizers, a fabulous meal, the best cake you’ve ever tasted, and great music! The guests couldn’t even wait until the buffet tables were cleared to start dancing! More tears were shed during first dances, especially the father daughter dance. The mother son dance ended very memorably and the rest of the room got up to enjoy the fun. They danced late into the evening and got up the next day to enjoy their honeymoon in North Carolina. Many happy years lie ahead for this couple!


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