We had the honor of capturing Vanessa and Brad’s amazing wedding on June 23, 2018.  This day was a blessing from heaven, and I’m not even kidding.  It all began when I met with Vanessa and Brad to discuss packages.  Right away I knew I wanted to be part of this couple’s wedding day. They were so sweet and kind as we discussed our packages, but the most amazing part was yet to come.  They told me they really liked me but they were also considering one other videographer.  A big reason was because he was so talented and had experience using a GoPro and working with animals.  (Vanessa and Brad had their dog Badger as part of the wedding festivities and wanted a GoPro camera on him)

Of course, I was determined to outshine this “other person” and win them over!  As we sat at Spot Coffee on Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo, NY, Vanessa asked me if I turn over the raw video of the day.   I said, “absolutely!”  We turn over all our unedited video (that’s the term I like to use, raw seems so harsh!) Vanessa asked me if I could show her a sample.  Now this next party is crazy!

I have hours upon hours of unedited video to show as a sample.  They are all up on a video hosting site I used called Mediazilla (great website, I suggest anyone wanting to host video to use it!)  I decided to show Vanessa and Brad a little video from Rachel and Jason’s wedding from 2017.  I picked one short clip to show Vanessa of Rachel getting ready.  Within seconds both Vanessa and Brad perked up, “Who is that guy in the background?” Vanessa asked.  “He looks so familiar!”

I told them that was Jamie, a videographer I work with when I have a two videographer shoot.

“That’s the guy we interviewed with last week!” Vanessa said with some confusion!

Of all the unedited video I have, I might have one minute of Jamie on camera in the background.  What are the chances?!

Feeling a little awkward, I explained that in the world of wedding photography, photographers and videographers often work together despite having separate companies.

As a result, Vanessa and Brad booked us, I hired Jamie as a second videographer to get the GoPro video and work with Badger, and I was sure to give them a good rate to make it a perfect match.

The day finally came, and let me tell you, it was perfect.  The forecast called for rain all day, but instead, it was cloudy with some sprinkles, and halfway through the day the sun came out off and on.  It was perfect for photography.  Sun can really mess with a camera lens.  First, we got amazing video of Vanessa getting ready, I went to Salty Dog barber shop in downtown Buffalo (really a cool place complete with a juke box and pool table) to capture video of Brad getting ready.

Before the ceremony, we had a GoPro on Badger to get a cool doggie view of guests arriving.  The ceremony itself was stunning.  We got an amazing shot of Vanessa coming down the aisle with special music being performed by a family friend.  Brad looked very handsome!

It was then off to take some photos at Delaware Park.  Any of us who have been married know posing for photos gets tiring.  It was a tad on the warm side so that makes it even tougher.  Vanessa and Brad continued to be fun, vibrant, and very accommodating the entire time!

After getting video at the park, it was off to the reception in Lockport.  The party was held at the Locks and Canal Boat Cruise banquet hall.  The entire bridal party got to get a tour on a couple paddle boats.  It was really awesome and we got some great video.

The reception was a fantastic party.  The bridal party entrance was so much fun!  Vanessa and Brad had so much fun with family and friends.  You can see some of the highlights right here!



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