Amanda and Bronson had an amazing wedding day in Rochester, NY on June 8, 2018.  This wedding party was so much fun, if you were bored, you didn’t have a pulse.  When you watch the highlights you will see why.  Amanda and Bronson were married at St. Pius X Church on Chili Ave in Rochester.  The ceremony was beautiful.  Amanda looked amazing coming down the aisle in her dress.  We captured a shot of Bronson tearing up!  We captured some amazing photos and video of the couple at Highland Park.  Amanda and Bronson then wanted to get some photos on the Ford Street bridge.  It was a great idea as we captured some fantastic photos and video.  The bridal party was out of control!  They were directing traffic with some style!  Check out the video for that too.  It was then off to the reception at the Italian-American Community Center.  The party was off the chain, or hook, or whatever the kids call it today.  The bomb?  Whatever, we had an amazing time.  It was truly a day to remember!  Check out the highlights here!


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