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bride having fun with her bridesmaids
groom hugged by his groomsmen
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bride tosses the bouquet
bride dancing with the groom
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bride and groom at the head table
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bride and groom cut the wedding cake
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bride with a baseball bat
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bride and groom outside a church
bride and groom introduced husband and wife
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gorgeous wedding bride
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bride by a window
wedding cake roses
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groom licks the wedding cake knife
bride looks into her husband's eyes
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bride and groom first dance
bride bouquet eyes
bride and groom in a garden
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bridal party on bridge at channel side in buffalo
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wedding tux cuff links
bride and groom together
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bride and groom on a bench
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bridesmaids during a wedding ceremony
wedding aisle outside ceremony
corsage pinned on the best man
seat cover at the wedding reception
bride with her bridesmaids
wedding ceremony exchanging rings
lighting the unity candle
wedding vows
bride and groom at the alter
just married
just married first kiss
bride looking in a mirror
groom ready for his bride to come down the aisle
wedding cake from a bird's eye view
close up for wedding cake
reception table
bouquet on a chair
bride dancing with her father
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bridal party introductions
wedding program
wedding party on the train tracks
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wedding shoes and bouquet
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